Chancellor Gilded - Deposit

Chancellor Gilded - Deposit

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Reservations for the Chancellor Gilded decks are full at this time.

If you missed this opportunity, please consider becoming an Encarded Patron. Patrons get early access to releases (along with many other perks) and help support innovative, creative projects like this one.  

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50 reservations are available for the Chancellor Gilded deck to be released in early 2018. Encarded Patrons can secure a deck now and this will be the best chance to get one. I will deliver the decks to you in the order of the deposits, so if you are first in line you will get #1. The release date and final price will be announced soon and I can refund your deposit at any time should you decide not to get the deck. 

Chancellor Gilded Features:

  • Only 50 decks will be released to the public
  • Each features a handmade, laser engraved and laser cut tuck box made from metallic bronze and black papers
  • The tuck is designed so that you can see the gilded deck through the eight "windows" in the side and top of the box
  • Original Chancellor decks will be gilded and sealed in the tuck with a classic Encarded holographic seal
  • Each deck will be hand numbered on the front in gold ink, 1-50
  • The deck will be housed in an acrylic case with a coordinating laser-engraved Chancellor theme artwork 
  • This deck will never be created again, and each box takes about an hour to make, so it is guaranteed to be a special item

ONE DECK PER PERSON. If you order more than one or are not currently a Patron I will have to refund your deposit and open the spot to someone else. Be considerate to your fellow collectors!

Chancellor Gilded - Deposit
Chancellor Gilded - Deposit
Chancellor Gilded - Deposit
Chancellor Gilded - Deposit