Zenith - Signature Series

Zenith, the first deck in the Encarded Signature Series will be available for pre-order soon. Expected in stock in late April, Zenith is an extremely limited release of only 1,000 numbered decks. There are no other colors, variations, boxes or future printings! Since we have to keep some for our personal reserve, less than 1,000 will ever be available. 

You can read more about the deck by visiting the Zenith page. Don't miss this exciting release!



If you contacted me about damage or missing Deco packages in the last month, I am going to try to get the majority of those items out this week. Dealing with damage is far and away the biggest drag for everyone involved, and I hope that for the handful of you that had issues the next items will get to you quickly and safely. Has a New Website Home

As you probably noticed, is all new! To give better service, more payment options and provide a more integrated platform to get you news and product releases we have moved to the well established Shopify service.

Along with many more options for us to manage our site, the biggest change is the ability to accept credit cards directly. We still offer PayPal if you prefer that method of payment, but giving you more options to pay (particularly for international customers that may have trouble using PayPal) is a big move in making it easier and faster to get Encarded...

Bicycle Deco Playing Cards are Sold Out

We sold out of the normal Deco release today! While we have a handful of factory seconds, First Printing and the Collector 100 edition available, the normal deck is now officially sold out. 

As with all Encarded releases, once we sell out of a design it is gone and we will not be reprinting it. Hopefully you got yours before they sold out!

Watch for new releases in 2014 and be sure to act quickly when they arrive. Thanks for all the support of our projects and we look forward to bringing you new ideas soon.

Deco Kickstarter and Store Shipments Complete

Deco shipments are have been completed, along with all website preorders. If you haven't gotten your decks yet, they are on their way to you! We ended up with very few decks left, so look for the remaining decks and other special items soon.