About Encarded

The world of playing cards is full of amazing cards, but even with the variety currently available there are ideas that no one has produced, designs that no one has seen, and features that no one has considered yet.

Encarded, founded by designer Paul Carpenter in 2011, is dedicated to exploring new ideas in playing card design. Initially funded by the amazing Kickstarter platform, Encarded strives to make beautifully usable decks that any card collector, cardist or magician would be excited to have. Encarded projects are highly coveted by collectors and have become known for their intense attention to detail, innovative visual features and unique motifs that make each deck release an exciting new experience. 

The decks designed by Encarded are printed by the the finest playing card manufacturers in the world, such as the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC) and the Expert Playing Card Company (EPCC). All Encarded decks are produced to the highest standards, in limited numbers and will never be reprinted.

Based in beautiful Sarasota, Florida, Encarded is founded by a long-time graphic designer who was inspired to create some new and exciting things in the world of playing cards. Paul collects cards, does a little cardistry on the side, rides bikes, plays with electric cars and spends time with his wife and children and tries to get some sun at Siesta Key Beach whenever possible.