The "One Of One" Collection

The "One Of One" Collection

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For Serious Collectors Only, a selection of incredibly rare Encarded items

In the course of designing items for Encarded, there are inevitably experiments that I decide not to produce, or variations that help develop the full release items but have their own character. Sometimes I create a prototype and decide that it requires too much hand work to make large numbers of, or maybe the market for the item isn't big enough, so I set those things aside in my private collection. 

I wanted to allow a few of these special items to get to you, the collectors. Each of the following 11 items is a true "One of One." I don't have any extras, even for myself. Room in my display is getting precious and as a collector myself, the idea of obtaining a unique item is very exciting so I wanted to offer this opportunity to others.

Pricing will be at a premium due to rarity and/or value of the related decks, but if you decide to add one of these special items to your own collection you will know that not a single other person on Earth has one, not even me. Each will come with an embossed certificate of authenticity.

The Currently Available Items are:

  • Aurum Acrylic Case & Sovereign Edition
  • Aurum Deus "Ice" 3D-Printed Collector Stand
  • Celestial Prototype Deck


Please read through the descriptions below to learn a little about the history of these items and how they came to be.

  • Aurum Engraved Slipcase + Aurum White Gold Deck - $900 SOLD

    In 2021 I made a few laser engraved wooden slip cases for the Priory project and while I was prototyping I made a single Aurum case. I had considered selling them but the time required to assemble them was high and at the time I didn't think there was a large enough segment of customers that would want one. So I kept just this single example and it has an extremely valuable Aurum White Gold in it. If you check eBay, the deck alone is fetching amazing prices. The deck is unnumbered, in the original cellophane and has been in my private reserve since release in 2012. The deck and box have a small, handwritten "P1" on their backs.

  • Aurum Acrylic Case & Sovereign Edition - $300

    I can't recall why I made this one (haha), but among the various tests of engraving acrylic cases I made a singular example of an Aurum case with a full bleed design. This unique case houses an original, sealed Aurum Sovereign deck. 

  • Aurum Deus "Ice" 3D-Printed Collector Stand - $700

    In 2020 I released Aurum Deus and created an edition of just 9 special display items. The 3D-printed stands took an immense amount of experimentation and in the process I made just one stand out of a frosted clear resin. The final effect is like a frozen ice sculpture and it is a very striking piece. The stand will house an Aurum Deus deck, numbered "X1" and the stand has a "1/1" hang tag.

  • Aurum Deus "Ombré" Special Edition - $500 SOLD

    During production of special Patreon rewards for Aurum Deus I created a small batch of special edition boxes that had custom art, hand embossing and laser cutting. It was a multistep process and at one point I had run a number of prints of the box art and discovered that one ink color had slowly run out, with the result that the box art had a perfect gradient color from purple to blue. It was quite beautiful and totally accidental, so I set the deck aside for myself. This is the only deck of its kind and it comes in a laser-engraved acrylic display.

  • Aurum Deus Gold Special Edition - $350 SOLD

    During the prototype phase of Aurum Deus Special Editions, I experimenting with a variety of papers and engraving styles and one of my initial ideas was to use a double layer of gold/creme paper and engrave through the top to expose the bottom. This proved to be very difficult to get right, and when I did get an acceptable engraving result the design was too delicate and was prone to delamination at the folds, so I had to move onto other designs. As a result, this is the only deck of its kind and it comes in an engraved acrylic case.

  • Aurum Deus Acrylic "Deck" - $50 SOLD

    Similar to the Aurum acrylic case mentioned above, I experimented with using solid acrylic "substitute decks" that magicians often utilize in their act when they switch a real deck of cards for a solid block in the viewers hands. This single example features an engraved version of the Aurum Deus back design.

  • Chancellor Gilded Prototype Trio - $3200 SOLD

    The Chancellor Gilded deck was, by far, the most complicated and difficult deck I have ever made. The number of steps it took to get a good result was innumerable and along the way I ended up with a wide variety of prototype boxes in different colors, papers, types of engraving and more. I selected 3 of the best and filled each prototype with a gilded Chancellor deck from the private reserve (I had some extra gilded cards in plain boxes but no more assembled laser cut tucks). Each deck is protected in a signed clear sleeve and the set is presented in a triple Carat Case, signed and numbered with a Tendril-era gold seal sticker. (Please note, I would strongly recommend that you leave the decks in their protective sleeves as each prototype box is incredibly delicate and irreplaceable.)

  • Deco Silver Personal Edition: Holo Foil PDC - $300 SOLD

    In 2013 for the release of Deco, my continued experimentation with how to make decks of cards special and personalized resulted in a custom box which featured cutouts for the deck as well as the customers' initials cut into the back. While I was developing this idea, I considered offering a version with the entire box covered in a holographic foil design. This proved extremely difficult to do at the time, so I ended up with only one example. This deck features the Deco Silver deck inside and the box has a special seal and my initials, "PDC" on the back. The Personal Edition is extremely rare to begin with and this one is entirely unique.

  • Prototype P5 of the Tendril Trilogy Box Set - $350 SOLD

    During the release of Tendril: Ascendant & Nightfall, I offered 35 copies of the "Tendril Trilogy," which was one of my first experiments in custom boxes. At the time, I needed to figure out the techniques and only had access to a vinyl cutter machine (no lasers back then!) so there were quite a few prototypes necessary to end up with a decent result. While the final release was in a rich blue paper, I experimented with a variety of papers and this bright green was one of the last prototypes. Within the box is a full set of the Tendril decks but they do not have the silver seal seen on the final Trilogy. The "Megatuck" is signed on the front and hand numbered "P5" on the bottom. (Please note, I would recommend not attempting to open the megatuck, as the tab structure is quite strong and there is a high likelihood of damage)

  • Priory Prototype "Colors" Deck & Prints - $100 SOLD

    When designing Priory I tried a wide variety of different color schemes and printed one 52-card deck with 4 of the top choices so that I could see and handle them to get the full effect. The deck comes in a plain white box and the faces of the cards are a standard deign from the printer, making this the only "deck" from Encarded without custom faces. This item will also include 4 different 5"x7" prints that I made while testing the original ideas. 

  • Celestial Prototype Deck - $100

    This is the final prototype of the Celestial Red deck, printed as a one-off to make sure the design worked well at normal scale. This deck comes in a plain white prototype box, signed and dated and features all the cards with their custom designs and one card with the basic coloration of the Black deck.
The "One Of One" Collection
The "One Of One" Collection
The "One Of One" Collection
The "One Of One" Collection
The "One Of One" Collection
The "One Of One" Collection
The "One Of One" Collection
The "One Of One" Collection
The "One Of One" Collection
The "One Of One" Collection
The "One Of One" Collection