Bicycle® Deco

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Encarded's first two decks, Tendril and Aurum, explored a variety of new ideas in playing card design. Shadow borders, face patterns that are more than just texture, organic symmetry, purposeful imperfections, custom die cuts, laser cutting. Some of those features still don't exist on any other custom deck. Since each deck we design is nothing like the one before, we once again will take a 180 degree turn and the next deck from Encarded is simpler at first glance, but to those people that appreciate the finer things it's a Bicycle deck like you've never seen before.

Deco aims to tap into the mystique of casino-style decks of the past, with their boldly simple design, but bring the exceptional modern handling and finishes to the forefront. Deco also wanted to be visually simple from a distance but packed with subtle detail up close. All of this is packaged into a fully custom deck that is still familiar and perfectly playable, like all Bicycle decks. 

Card Details:

  • Deco will be a limited deck production by the US Playing Card Company. They will be sold in a pair, 2,200 sets total. It will not be reprinted or released again. Most major deck releases are printed in the tens of thousands, so Deco will be a guaranteed rarity from the start.
  • The cards will be on the highest-end Bee Casino stock with the excellent Magic finish. They will handle at the supreme top-end of the playing card scale. When you bring these out at your next poker game all your friends will notice how great they shuffle.
  • Deco Silver will be the light deck, with metallic silver, rich blue and white tones. Deco Bronze will be the dark deck, with warm near-black colors, metallic red and metallic bronze.
  • Deco has unique 90-degree four corner pips, carefully designed to assist with identifying cards while playing card games as well as adding visual detail during card flourishing or magic.
  • Deco will feature many elegant, hand-crafted details. Metallic inks add shimmer and depth and the deck is housed in a beautiful foil and embossed tuck box.