Encarded Signature Series

At Encarded, we are constantly developing ideas and themes and while most of these never end up seeing the light of day, the strongest of those designs slowly turn into our main deck releases. Decks like Tendril, Aurum and Deco have many months of work behind them, and each one also generates many ideas and designs that don't always fit the theme of the deck and are set aside.

Producing a full run deck (even when limited to 5,000) is still a large scale and costly project for a small company, so we have to carefully choose which projects get put into the production pipeline. But like any parent knows, it is very hard to pick a "favorite" from our design library and there are many designs that we want to bring to you that explore new ideas but may not warrant a "full run."

This is how the Encarded Signature Series line was born. The decks in this series will explore ideas and motifs that we wanted to see in reality, but we also wanted to make them special, for the discriminating collector that appreciates the details and differences that these decks will contain.

  • The decks in the Signature Series will be very limited. Expect approximately 1,000 decks to be made for each release. 
  • The Signature Series will only be available at Encarded.com and will not be reprinted, ever.
  • Custom courts (derived from vintage face designs) and new custom Pips will be a common thread through all Signature Series decks. 
  • Each deck will be individually numbered on the seal (i.e. 1/1000 - 1000/1000).
  • Each tuck box will be "signed" with foil by Paul Carpenter, signifying they are part of the personal design passion of Encarded. 

Due to the extremely low production numbers we wanted for this series, we had to explore new ways to produce these cards and have collaborated with the Expert Playing Card Company in New York, which has produced the Exquisite decks for the Conjuring Arts Research Center. After extensive testing, we are sure that these decks are the equal of any deck we have made through USPCC and they will have the luxury features you are accustomed to seeing from Encarded. The precise printing available through EPCC also affords us new possibilities in design (such as extremely thin borders).

We are very excited about these small run, boutique decks and hope that collectors find a treasured place in their collections for the Signature Series.