Encarded NFT Design Collection

Encarded Design Collection

October, 2021

Since 2011, Encarded Playing Cards has been designing and producing collectible poker cards and has shipped tens of thousands of decks to collectors all around the world. Our designs have always included intense details, original ideas and motifs inspired by many cultures. 

The printed cards are undeniably beautiful and most have gone on to become highly sought after collectible items because we have intentionally decided not to reprint decks or fall into the cycle of endless color variations. Each deck of cards we've made has been unique and unlike the ones before it. The collector market has responded and some of our original decks have auction prices of hundreds or even thousands of dollars apiece.

While the final product is amazing, there are some limitations inherent in printed design. Printing plates can only capture so much detail, inks can appear differently than you expected, and while we work with the best playing card printers in the world some detail is inevitably diminished in the translation from our high-resolution digital designs to ink on paper.

NFT Details

We are offering a new kind of collectible that presents every detail of our art, only made possible with the recent development of the NFT (non-fungible tokens) to make truly one-of-a-kind digital art pieces of each Encarded original design.

We have taken the original design files given to the printers and enlarged them into beautiful, high-resolution art pieces that capture all the intricate detail of our designs. Zoom in and pan around to see even the smallest detail in your favorite Encarded playing card design. The collectability of these NFTs is also truly unique, because only one NFT of each design can exist. If you are lucky enough to own it, you are guaranteed that no one else on Earth can claim to have a copy.

NFT Samples

We will offer each design separately, including unreleased designs that are even rarer because they don't have a real-world analogue. This initial NFT offering will feature 16 iconic Encarded designs and since this is such a new concept, we will accept offers on each design through the end of the 2021 calendar year to give anyone that is interested time to setup their NFT accounts.

Visit our collection on OpenSea.io to enter a whole new world of collecting!*

Paul Carpenter
President, Encarded Playing Cards


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*Some Notes About NFT: 

  • Encarded NFT items will be minted on the Polygon Blockchain using Ethereum.
  • Purchasing an NFT requires a digital wallet and an Ethereum cryptocurrency balance.
  • Metamask is a great wallet for people new to NFT
  • Design collection items will be "priced" at an extravagant level but you can make an offer of any amount for consideration.
  • Please see OpenSea's Getting Started page to learn more about how you can start collecting NFTs.
  • Also read about how to bridge your standard Ethereum into Polygon