Tendril was Encarded's first release and was produced in a limited run of 5,000. Tendril is Sold Out.

"I’ve been doing magic for over 50 years and these are the most beautiful decks I have ever seen. I was fortunate to have known some of the greats like Vernon Cardini & Darwin Ortiz and I know they would love these decks." 
- Rick

Design Features

Tendril uses some brand new ideas in playing card design. The goal is to produce a whole new playing card look that is both beautiful and usable. Magicians, cardists and collectors alike will find something to appreciate in Tendril. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Shadow Borders: We love black decks, but we hate the inevitable edge chipping. So, we created shadow borders which allow the face and back to be dark, but taper off to a very light gray which will maintain a clean edge for the life of the card.
  • Face patterns: Who says design and patterns only have to be on the back? Tendril features a subtle variation of the back tendril design on the face.
  • Custom indexes, pip design, court cards: Every element of Tendril has been drawn from scratch. The court pays homage to the Bicycle court, but in a simplified “bas relief” style with dramatic coloring.
  • Organic Symmetry: Frankly, we are a bit sick of seeing obviously symmetrical back designs. Tendril features a perfectly mirrored back design that simultaneously appears completely random.



In our various travels, one place has stuck in our minds as being a wonderful mix of opposites. The rain forests of Costa Rica present you with such varied environments, and Tendril tries to capture some of the beauty and mystery that I’ve found there.

In the span of 24 hours, you can see amazing, eye-popping colors: the bluest of skies, the deepest of green leafs, the most shocking pink flowers. As day tapers off into night, the blackness can become absolute and what was a gorgeous and inviting atmosphere a few short hours earlier now becomes a quiet place of hushed danger.

I wanted Tendril to have that mix of visual elements. Black, yet not. Dark, yet colorful. Inviting, yet sinister.