A Bold New Vision - Radia, the spiritual successor to Aurum

In 2012 I designed Aurum, the critical followup to Encarded's first deck, Tendril. Aurum was inspired by my travels to Italy and featured dramatic purple coloring, metallic inks, unique edge patterns and high detail. Over the years, Aurum has become a favorite of collectors and the ultra-limited Aurum Laser Cut decks routinely top the lists of most valuable modern decks.

Aurum has always been one of my personal favorites and I’ve wanted to make a deck that pays homage to it for a long time. For several years I’ve had a design motif in my files which I feel speaks beautifully to some of the original design ideas from Aurum, but until now I have not found a way to make this new deck truly special. Luckily, Expert Playing Card Co. approached me last year with a new possibility that I think perfectly accents the design and allowed me to create something brand new in the world of playing cards. The result will be quite spectacular.

I call it RADIA, and it will be (tentatively) released at the 52+Joker Annual convention in October, 2017. RADIA will combine the purple and gold of Aurum in a dramatic new way, it has incredible levels of detail, will be limited in nature, and will be housed in a beautiful but simple box just like Aurum was. I will also be keeping a limited number of RADIA decks aside to create a new laser cut version that I hope will eclipse Aurum in every way.

For now, I will leave you with this teaser image, but rest assured that RADIA will be a deck worthy of your collection. Watch for more information in coming weeks.

Sincere thanks, as always, for the support over the years and I hope that RADIA finds its way onto your shelf in the near future.

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