Encarded Standard - 1/1 Prototype Box & Production Deck

Encarded Standard - 1/1 Prototype Box & Production Deck

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During the course of a deck design I make a number of hand-made prototypes to get a feel for how a deck might look.

Here we have a 1 of 1, second prototype of the Encarded Standards tuck box. This was printed at Encarded HQ, hand-cut and assembled. I initially had planned on using quite a lot of black in the box design, but after a number of experiments I decided that it made the box too visually "heavy" and I simplified it back to the single color and foil you see in the production deck. 

This is a unique item and not one you will see anywhere else. The prototype is filled with an Encarded standard deck to give the box support, and is sealed with a simple signed holographic square. 

Included with the prototype deck is a single production Encarded Standard deck. This pair is an exceedingly rare collector find and only one person in the world will get to put this on their shelf, so don't miss out.