Aurum is designed to be intricate, elegant and fit for the Venetian royalty that inspired it. Every card is intricately designed and features multiple metallic inks and was also carefully crafted to be "purposefully imperfect." The court figures are all based on the familiar Bicycle court but were painstakingly redrawn to have many subtle imperfections and asymmetric features. 




Aurum Editions


Aurum will be produced in 3 versions. Each version has the same beautiful cards inside. 4,000 of the decks will come in a sumptuous royal purple tuck box featuring incredibly intricate gold foiling, metallic inks and embossing. Those luxury features weren't enough, as it also has a never-before-seen design feature: a custom diecut that allows you a glimpse inside to the special gold ad card within. Not just a simple box, the diecut is made to mirror the overall theme of the deck, with its arabesque motifs.

Just 550 of the decks will be the special "White Gold" edition. This rare deck will be housed in a beautiful tuck box made from pearlescent paper that shimmers both gold and white. It will have the foiling and other special features of the standard deck but will also have a special holographic seal, individually numbered.

Finally, we come to the ultimate in rarity and luxury. USPC said "we’re making history as the most expensive deck produced here!" Pursuing a truly "crazy" idea, Encarded designed a feature that no company has ever tried: an incredibly intricate laser-cut design on the tuck box. Piercing through the deck box with a laser allows amazing detail, carefully designed to echo the main medallion design of the deck. 

This deck proved to be so hard to make (and nearly 15x more costly than a normal deck) that we could only obtain 90 of these from USPC, they politely refused to make more. This deck truly showcases the possibilities of USPC production craftsmanship like no other deck. We doubt that any other company will ever attempt to make a deck like this again, ensuring that the Aurum Laser Cut Edition will remain one of, if not the most rare deck ever made by USPC.

Aurum will be a beautfully usable deck, intricate and with all of the most luxurious features known to playing cards. It also pushes past the limits of normal design and explores entirely new features. We are very proud of Aurum and hope that you will enjoy studying it's details.

Design Features

  • Bee Casino Stock and Magic Finish. Tendril featured the same and was praised for its handling and feel.
  • Metallic Inks: Each card has multiple metallic inks, including golds, purples and metallic blacks. 
  • Continuous Line Texturing. On both the faces and backs is featured a single, continuous line that wraps around itself in an unbreaking stroke from one edge of the card to the other. If the line was unwrapped and made straight, it would be an incredible 279" long. On the back the line is metallic purple on a solid purple field, and on the faces it a subtle gray.
  • Custom Everything. All features of the deck are custom, from the pips, to the court, to the indices. 
  • Lavishly appointed tuck box. Every possible extra feature, and some new ones, are built into the box. The box has custom stock, embossing, extensive gold foil, metallic ink and a custom diecut on the back. 
  • Guaranteed Production numbers. We won't magically find more in the warehouse someday. Each edition of Aurum is made in the numbers stated and will not be produced again. If you get a special edition, you will know exactly how rare your deck is.