Codename: Prime Backs

Along with some other projects in progress <cough>tendrilv2<cough>, I have been working on an “everyday” deck. The goal of this deck is to be traditionally inspired, to make it usable in magic or card games where it’s important to have high card readability and no surprises, with clean and simple design. Also, this deck will be very affordable and produced as a staple deck. While it will still be produced in smaller runs, we can make new editions as they sell out.

My decks have historically never been alike from one to the next and I am generally also not a “traditionalist” so I’ve been playing with two concepts inspired by some of the Bicycle decks from the very early 1900's. One design is much more vintage, while the second uses some of the same elements but in a more modern approach. My concern with the “vintage” design is that while it is easy to accept for the average viewer, it has also been done many, many times and as most of you probably know I tend to not be a “me too” designer.

Regardless of design, the deck will have one color backs, courts with a traditional coloration and layout and nice readable pips. White borders will be there, but as small as possible. These will come in a normal top-loaded tuck box and will be printed by EPCC, probably in runs of 2,500. Colors and tuck boxes will be changed if a second edition is done, with red/blue/black (metallic versions, hopefully) being the first few choices.

If you have any thoughts or opinions, feel free to let me know as I continue to develop this deck idea.


Court Figure Sample